A Tangled Skein



Do you have a favorite type of cake?

Because believe you me, I will bring them to you if needed.

If you’re certain… That is perhaps something that should be discussed ahead of time with my other, though.

I enjoy anything with strawberries, though I also have a weakness for velvet cakes. You’ll have to ask Zachary for his favorites, though I am almost certain that he’ll eat anything with enough sugar in it.

I’ll ask him! Thank you, if I’m able to bring some over it’ll be a relief knowing they didn’t go to waste. Velvet cake’s a good choice, by and by, it’s my favorite.

Why would no one want you around water? Would you like company? Perhaps we could build a fortress out of the cakes, instead of attempting to eat all of them.

Oh, because I just happened to decide to go under some water and not come up. That’s part of the reason I’ve been gone, but I always come back. All the same, I think it made some people unhappy and I wanted to go swimming but thought it best to wait for a bit. So I baked instead.

And that sounds so incredibly wonderful right now, mister Veene. I would like that. 

If I asked for your best I suppose I would wind up with everything. How many have you made?

I don’t know, I just kept baking. I was tired but couldn’t sleep and I don’t think anyone wants me around water so I just kept baking.

I think there’s a little over a hundred. They’re all pretty small, I swear.

avidradiance said:

Did you, honestly? What kinds do you make?

I did, honestly. It may save us time if I instead find out what kinds I didn’t make.                           

If the invitation extends beyond 'Anonymous' I might like some.

I think that I have enough cakes that the invitation extends to the limits of “everyone.”

Thank you for wanting some of these cakes, Mister Veene.

What kind do you like? How many would you like? 

Jesse you're going to get diabetes if you don't slow down on that cake.

I made a lot of cakes.

I don’t think I can eat all of these cakes.

Would you like some cakes.

Please say yes.